January 2022
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Montagne enneigée

Elisabeth de la Trinité

- 1 -
Mary, Mother of God

Vierge de la Nativité

Mother of the Word, oh tell me your mystery.
After the moment of the Incarnation,
Tell me how you spent your life
Buried in adoration.
- 2 -
Sunday of Epiphany

L'adoration des mages

May this year be for your soul a chain of fidelity
in which each link, soldered by love, unites you more closely to the Master.
- 3 -
May the Father shower you with great generosity,
May the Word imprint itself in the center of your heart,
And may the Spirit of Love consume you unceasingly.
- 4 -
The secret of peace and happiness is to forget oneself, not be preoccupied with oneself.
- 5 -
God wants to be the Friend you can always find.
He is standing at the door of your heart...He is waiting...Open to Him!
- 6 -
Give peace to my soul; make it Your heaven, Your beloved dwelling and Your resting place.
- 7 -
It is so good to be God’s little child,
to let yourself be carried by Him all the time, to rest in His love!
- 8 -
There are two words that sum up for me all holiness, all apostolate: “Union and Love”.
- 9 -
Baptism of the Lord

Baptême du Seigneur

It is baptism which has make you a child of adoption,
wich has stamped you with the seal of the Holy Trinity.
- 10 -
Walk in Jesus Christ: you need this broad road,
for you were not made for the narrow paths of here below! Be rooted in Him.
- 11 -
May nothing trouble my peace or make me leave You, O my Unchanging One,
but may each minute carry me further into the depths of Your Mystery.
- 12 -
Let us live with God as with a friend, let us make our faith a living faith
in order to be in communion with Him through everything.
- 13 -
Jesus came to meet me.
He took me in His arms to carry me like a little child.
- 14 -
You who know what depths of love the good God has placed in your heart for your children,
so you can grasp the grandeur of this mystery:
to be children of God! Doesn’t that thrill you?
- 15 -
You will never be commonplace if you are vigilant in love!
- 16 -

Sacré Coeur - Carmel de Flavignerot

If you’d prefer to think that God is close to you rather than within you,
follow your attraction, as long as you live with Him.
- 17 -
Let us make a dwelling for Him in our soul that is wholly at peace,
in which the canticle of love; of thanksgiving, is always being sung.
- 18 -
“My Father, may they be one”! I so love to make this prayer.
- 19 -
Let us live by love, by adoration, by self-forgetfulness,
in wholly joyful and confident peace,
for “we are Christ’s, and Christ is God’s”!
- 20 -
Since we are all members of one body, inasmuch as we have an abundance of divine life,
we can communicate it in the great body of the Church.
- 21 -
Behold faith, the beautiful light of faith which appears to me! It alone should light my way.
- 22 -
We must thank Him all the time, whatever happens,
for the good God is love, and He can create nothing but Love!
- 23 -

Alpes vues d'avion

I am full of confidence: it seems to me that my prayer is all-powerful,
for it is not I who am praying but my Christ who is within me!
- 24 -
I want to be an apostle with you, I want to work for the glory of God,
and for that I must be wholly filled with Him.
- 25 -
With St Paul, I would like to tell you:
“ I lost all for His love,
And what my soul desires
is to better grasp Him each day”.
- 26 -
Let yourself be loved...without fearing that any obstacle will be a hindrance to it...
This love can rebuild what you have destroyed.
- 27 -
It seems to me that adoration is the hymn that must be singing in us.
- 28 -
O Eternal Word, Word of my God, I want to spend my life in listening to You,
to become wholly teachable that I may learn all from You.
- 29 -
Think that you are with Him, and act as you would with Someone you love;
it’s so simple, there is no need for beautiful thoughts,
only an outpouring of your heart.
- 30 -

Le Mont Blanc

I do everything with Him...whether I’m sweeping, working or at prayer,
I find everything good and delightful since it is my Master whom I see everywhere!
- 31 -
Even in the midst of the world, one can listen to Him
in the silence of a heart that wants to belong only to Him!