February 2019
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Christ ouvrant les bras sur fond de givre

Elisabeth de la Trinité

- 1 -
Do you truly know how wealthy you are?
Have you ever sounded the abyss of Love?
I come to reveal the ineffable tenderness
Which soars above your soul day and night.
- 2 -
Présentation du Seigneur au temple

La Présentation du Seigneur au temple - Bellini

Offer Him all that wounds your heart; confide everything to Him.
Think that day and night you have someone in your soul who never leaves you alone.
- 3 -

Sitelle sous la neige

I’m keeping a rendez-vous with you in the Master’s sight,
let us stay very close to Him, let us bring Him all our miseries of body and soul
just as once the sick throughout all Judea came to Him.
- 4 -
When your soul is burdened and fatigued by the weight of your body,
do not be discouraged, rather go by faith and love to Him who said:
“Come to me and I will refresh you.”
- 5 -
In the hours when you feel only oppression and lassitude,
you will please Him even more if you faithfully believe that He is still working,
that He loves you just the same, and even more.
- 6 -
3. A soul which thus permits the divine Being
to satisfy His need to communicate “all that He is and all that He has,” in itself,
is in reality the praise of glory of all His gifts.
- 7 -
How we feel the need to be sanctified,
to forget ourselves in order to belong wholly to the interests of the Church.
- 8 -
I’m asking the good God to sustain you in your sufferings,
which must be so painful to endure, for, in the long run, the soul feel the effects of it and grows weary;
but then you have only to stay close to the Crucified, and your suffering is the best prayer.
- 9 -
Through all nights, all voids, all helplessness,
I want to always fix my gaze on You and remain in Your great light.
- 10 -

Vue du ciel depuis un hublot

To be the “bride of Christ”!.. To be a bride means to have all rights over His heart...
It is a heart-to-heart exchange for a whole lifetime...It is to live with...always with...
- 11 -
Jesus and Mary loved each other so: the whole heart of one flowed into the heart of the other!
- 12 -
He is always with you; be always with Him:
through all your actions, in your sufferings, when your body is exhausted.
Remain in His sight, see Him present, living in your soul.
- 13 -
It matters little to me, whether I feel God or not,
whether He sends me joy or suffering: I believe in His love.
- 14 -
Ask the Master for those graces of union
which give so much strength to the soul, to pass through any trial
and which transform life through continual contact with Him!
- 15 -
If He tests us by hiding that way from our soul,
it is because He knows that now we love Him too much to leave Him.
- 16 -
I feel the “exceeding love” of my Master and wish I could make my soul pass into yours
so that you could believe in this love always, especially in your most painful hours.
- 17 -

Christ du Carmel de Dijon-Flavignerot

Let us remain at the foot of the Cross where our Beloved One is calling us,
and when we can’t pray anymore, Oh! let us gaze at Him!
- 18 -
Each incident; each event, each suffering, as well as each joy,
is a sacrament which gives God to us.
- 19 -
It is so good to give when one loves.
- 20 -
Offer Him all your sufferings; that is a good way of uniting yourself to Him
and a prayer that is very pleasing to Him.
- 21 -
Forgetting yourself with respect to your health does not mean neglecting to take care of yourself,
for that is your duty and the best of penances, but do it with great abandonment,
saying “thank you” to God no matter what happens.
- 22 -
I wonder how a soul that has sounded the depths of love
which the heart of God has “for it” could be anything but always joyful.
- 23 -
Oh, may the Master reveal to you His divine presence;
it is so pleasant and sweet. It gives so much strength to the soul.
- 24 -

brances givrées

Oh! If you knew how He loves you, how at each passing minute
He wants to give Himself to you more!
- 25 -
The more the soul is tried, the more its faith increases
because it passes over all obstacles, as it were, to go rest in the heart of infinite Love
who can only perform works of love.
- 26 -
If we knew how to surrender ourselves totally
into the hands of Him who is our Father...
- 27 -
When you no longer see the light of His flame,
And night envelopes your soul in darkness,
Always believe in Love.
- 28 -
Why has He loved me so much?... I feel so little, so full of misery,
but I love Him, that is all I know how to do.