June 2019
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Papillon butinant

Elisabeth de la Trinité

- 1 -
God loves you today as He loved you yesterday and will love you tomorrow.
- 2 -
Seventh Easter Sunday

Visage du Christ - Rembrandt

Christ... I love Him passionately and in loving Him, I am transformed in Him.
- 3 -
I think nothing can distract us from Him when we act only for Him.
- 4 -
O Love, Love! You know if I love You, if I desire to contemplate You!
Exhaust all my substance for Your glory.
May it distil drop by drop for your Church.
- 5 -
How great is God and how loved we are!
- 6 -
“I must stay in your house!”... My master who wants to dwell in me
with the Father and His Spirit of love, so that, in the words of the beloved disciple,
I may have “communion” with them.
- 7 -
The morning, those words were told to me deep down in my soul: “ If someone loves me, my Father will love him;
and we will come in him and will make our home in him”. And at the same time, I saw how true this was.
I couldn’t say how... Nevertheless I saw them, having their council of love in me.
- 8 -
To give yourself, isn’t that the need of your soul too...
Oh! it is the response to His Love.
- 9 -

La Pentecôte - Dourgne

With your pure and burning flames,
Holy Spirit, deign to enkindle my soul;
Consume it with divine love,
O you whom I invoke each day!
- 10 -
Holy Spirit, Goodness, supreme Beauty!
O you whom I adore, you whom I love!
Consume with your divine flames,
This body and this heart and this soul!
This bride of the Trinity
Who desires only to do your will!
- 11 -
Here is the Holy Spirit who chooses you as His temple
You don’t belong to yourself anymore, and here is your greatness!
- 12 -
May the Holy Spirit, who is love, make your heart a little hearth
that rejoices the Three Divine Persons through the ardor of its flames.
- 13 -
Jesus can use me. My heart will ceaselessly sing to Him:
“ In your love, my God, I have faith”.
- 14 -
He has placed in my heart a thirst for the infinite
and such a great need for love that He alone can satisfy it.
- 15 -
Always love prayer, and when I say prayer, I don’t mean so much imposing on yourself
a lot of vocal prayers to be recited every day as that elevation of the soul toward God
through all things that establishes us in a kind of continual communion with the Holy Trinity
by quite simply doing everything in Their presence.
- 16 -

Icône de la Trinité - Roublev

The Holy Trinity - this is our dwelling, our “home”,
the Father’s house that we must never leave.
- 17 -
I so love this mystery of the Holy Trinity; it is an abyss in which I lose myself!
- 18 -
I feel completely filled with reverence before this little temple of the Holy Trinity (her niece);
her soul seems to me like a crystal that radiates God, and if I were near her,
I would kneel down to adore Him who dwells within her.
- 19 -
The Holy Trinity; that word is so sweet, and it is so simple. It is enough to believe.
- 20 -
I want to work for the glory of God, and for that I must be wholly filled with Him;
then I will be all-powerful: one look, one desire [will] become an irresistible prayer that can obtain everything.
- 21 -
I am asking Him to imprint Himself on you so you can say with the apostle:
“I live no longer I, but Jesus Christ lives in me” and so you may be His sacrament.
- 22 -
How powerful over souls is the apostle who remains always at the Spring of living waters;
then he can overflow...since he lives in communion with the Infinite!
- 23 -
Blessed Sacrament

Calice et hosties

Beside Jesus-Host
I would like to spend my life.
Resting close to his Heart
makes my happiness here below.
- 24 -
In the evening I made a good half hour of adoration before the Blessed Sacrament...
Who could describe the sweetness of this heart-to-heart encounter
in which one feels no longer on earth, and no longer sees nor hears anything but God!
- 25 -
When the Blessed Sacrament is exposed, I place before my Jesus all those who are in my heart,
and there, close to Him, I find them again.
- 26 -
O Jesus of the Eucharist
My Spouse, my Love, my Life,
How much I love coming each evening
to listen, to talk to you, to see you!...
- 27 -
May everything in you be divine and marked with His seal,
so that you may be another Christ working for the glory of the Father!
- 28 -
Sacred Heart

Le Sacré Coeur - Vénière

O sacred Heart of my Savior,
You whom I adore, O You whom I love,
You all Love, Supreme Goodness,
Only You possess my heart.
- 29 -
Don’t you think that in action just as in contemplation, we can radiate God.
- 30 -

Abeille butinant

Always believe in Love...always sing in thanksgiving.