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Tulipes en fleurs

Elisabeth de la Trinité

- 1 -
All the treasures enclosed in the soul of Christ are mine,
so I feel so rich; and with what happiness I come to draw from this source for all those whom I love!
- 2 -
Here faith, the beautiful light of faith appears.
It alone should light my way as I go to meet the Bridegroom.
- 3 -
My happiness keeps on growing, it takes on infinite proportions,
like God Himself, and it is such a calm, sweet happiness;
I would like to share my secret with you!
- 4 -
Who looks at you in the light of faith, sees in you a nature of infinite grandeur:
for from all eternity you were “in the mind of God”.
- 5 -
By holy baptism He has clothed you with Himself, thus making you His children,
and at the same time His living temple.
- 6 -
What does it matter what we feel;
He is the Immutable One, He who never changes.
- 7 -
Fifth Sunday of Lent

Peinture de Benn

I desire to live in your Home of love
Under the radiating Light of your Face
And to live only of you.
- 8 -
Let us live in intimacy with our Beloved,
let us belong wholly to Him, as He belongs wholly to us.
- 9 -
Let us be united in loving Him. I would so like to live only by love.
- 10 -
Through everything the soul sees Him whom it loves,
and everything leads it to Him; it is a continual heart-to-heart!/dd>
- 11 -
If I fall at every moment, in a wholly confident faith I will be helped up by Him.
I know that He will forgive me, that He will cancel out everything with a jealous care.
- 12 -
Do not be discouraged, you haven’t yet read what is in the great Heart of God.
You do not know all the love it contains and how, in His fatherliness,
He is looking after and thinking about you.
- 13 -
What happiness it is to live in intimacy with the Good God,
to make our life a heart-to-heart, an exchange of love,
when we know how to find the Master in the depths of our soul.
- 14 -
Palm Sunday

Entrée de Jésus à Jérusalem - Icône d'Arménie

The soul that wants to serve God day and night in His
must be resolved to share fully in its Master’s passion .
- 15 -
Do you want to give Me love for love?
From this day forward, are you ready for everything?
- 16 -
He who has taken me completely to Himself is all Love.
- 17 -
God loves us to the point of living in us,
to become the Companion of our exile, the Confidant, the Friend at every moment.
- 18 -
Holy Thursday

La Cène - Duccio

It is said that the Master, having loved His own who were in the world,
loved them to the end, and never was His Heart so overflowing with love,
it seems, than at the supreme hour when He passed from this world to His Father.
- 19 -
Holy Friday

La Crucifixion - Duccio

It is by the Blood of His Cross that He will make peace in my little heaven,
so that it may truly be the repose of the Three. He will fill me with Himself ;
He will bury me with Him ; He will make me live again with Him, by His life.
- 20 -
Holy Saturday

La mise au tombeau - Duccio

The Blessed Virgin is there to teach me to suffer as He did,
to tell me, to make me hear those last songs of His soul
wich no one else but she, His Mother, could overhear.
- 21 -
Easter Day

Tableau de la Résurrection

Oh ! how good it would be to live by this life of the Trinity that Jesus Christ came to bring us.
He said so often that He was the Life, and that He came to give it to us in abundance.
- 22 -
We had the Mass of the Resurrection... It seemed our Master was going to appear to us
as He once did to Mary Magdalene, and if our eyes did not see Him,
at least our souls encountered Him in faith.
- 23 -
I feel Him so alive in my soul.
I have only to recollect myself to find Him within me, and that is my whole happiness.
- 24 -
I only desire what He desires, I only ask Him one thing:
To love Him with all my soul, with a true love, strong and generous!
- 25 -
Oh, lead me then to this intimate,
Interior union, to this life
Wholly in God, for which I yearn.
- 26 -
The soul must be wholly vigilant in her faith
with her gaze turned towards the Master.
- 27 -
I feel Love beside me, as a living Being who tells me:
“I want to live in communion with you”.
- 28 -
Sunday of Mercy

Jument et son poulain

Even if you have caused Him pain, remember that abyss calls to another abyss
and that the abyss of your misery attracts the abyss of His mercy.
- 29 -
Saint Catherine of Siena loved to repeat in the silence of her soul:
” I am sought, I am loved.” That is what is true.
- 30 -
We do not have enough confidence in Him who envelops us in His charity.